Memories with my Brother

Two Brothers

He is 3  years older than me yet he always liked having me around. He was always on my side and the one I knew I could trust and confide in. Me and my brother always used to fight because well we were kids. He always had the advantage because he’s 3 years older then me. Of course I remember when he would torture me but what I always remember when my dad was flipping out and screaming at us he would let me go in his room.


Sometimes we would play video games together and he would pretend I was winning. We’re not like each other in most ways. Yet we are pretty close. We always have so much random stuff to talk and laugh about! We sometimes even speak simultaneously. 
Some days, he’s the only one I have some real, casual interaction with.

Those are the memories I love to remember. I don’t get to see him much any more because we are old enough already, we already have our own lives and busy with our individual jobs. Even though we always fight I’ll always love him and I know he loves me too. Today is his birthday and I am doing this post for him.

Happy Birthday My Brother!



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