Capcom Acknowledges The Bring Monster Hunter 4 To The West Campaign

Can’t wait for this one to be relased! ūüėÄ

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Capcom has said on Facebook that the company is fully aware of the bring Monster Hunter 4 to the west campaign. Capcom says it hears the fans and that they are currently evaluating new Monster Hunter games for the west. The company promises to share any new information with the fans on its official Facebook account.

Hey hunters! We’ve seen many of you ask for us to #BRINGMH4TOTHEWEST. We’re excited to see the fan base growing and you all showing your passion, keep it coming! We are continuing to evaluate new Monster Hunter titles for the west, and will share any new information with you here on Facebook as soon as we have it..

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Easy Home Plumbing Tips

  • Identify the problem that is occurring¬†with your drains, specifically, the individual drains which are not functioning correctly.¬†Some typical problems are these:


  1. Slow sink or tub drains.
  2. Water backing up in the bath tub, shower, or sink.
  3. Wet Areas in the lawn near drain piping.
  4. Unusual gurgling or bubbling sounds when water is draining.
  • Try to determine the extent of your “slow drain” problem.¬†If it is isolated to only one sink or other fixture, it is probably localised to the individual pipe that connects that fixture to the¬†main¬†line. In other words, if only the kitchen sink drains slowly, the problem is in the sink trap or drain line that connects to the larger pipes which additionally carries water from other sinks, the commode, and the bath tub.


  • Determine the route the waste water takes to reach the main drainpipe. Many times, the individual drain pipes are routed though the wall cavity, interconnecting to other pipes, which then go below the floor and exit the home to either the septic system or sanitary sewer.


  • Flush the drain which is not operating like it should with very hot water. For a bathroom or kitchen sink, this can be done by¬†stopping¬†the drain and filling the sink with hot water from the faucet. Unstop the plug, and the water will drain into the material which is clogging the pipes, and it the material is a residue of grease or greaselike waste, the hot water may dissolve it sufficiently to flush enough of it out the pipes to restore your flow.


  1. If necessary, use a drain cleaning product containing chemicals to dislodge or dissolve the material that is causing the stoppage. Drano or Liquid Plummer are examples of chemical products that may dissolve hair, soap residue, grease, or other materials which can clog a drain line.
  2. Be careful if you choose to use a¬†plumber’s snake¬†to open a clogged drain. These can be very messy, and may compact the material that is clogging the pipes, making it even more difficult to remove, if the proper technique is not used.
  3. See also How to Unclog a Toilet and How to Unclog a Bathtub Drain and How to Unclog a Kitchen Sink.

My Birthday Horoscope Personality

May 5, The birthday of motivating energy!

Your greatest challenge is…

to avoid becoming controlling in your dealings with others

The way forward is…

to understand that others should learn life’s lessons by themselves; the best guidance is to encourage others to be more independent.

You’re drawn to people born on…

May 22 to June 21

You share a passion for communication and a need for stability, and this can create a fulfilling and creative union.

Luck maker

Learn to meditate

To create luck you must learn to hear and follow your intuition more. To do this you need to quiet down your mind regularly so that intuition can be received freely and clearly.

People born on May 5 are often full of original and innovative solutions, and know the best way to implement them. Others rely on them to offer ideas when things have ground to a halt or to inject their special brand of motivating energy. They have enough energy for everyone and, unless they feel undermined or threatened, they never seem to tire.

They have excellent communication skills and the ability to impart knowledge or insight to others. This isn’t to say they are know-alls; it is just that they love nothing better than to motivate and inspire others toward action. They do this by getting to the heart of the matter; in some cases this may involve pointing out some uncomfortable home truths. Their aim is not to wound but to help others progress, although their interpersonal skills might improve if they learned the importance of listening a bit more.

They may find it hard to sit back when they witness a lack of awareness in others, and will quickly assume the role of parent or mentor. They do take this role extremely seriously and, if it is threatened in any way, they can become jealous, manipulative and aggressive. They should learn to be less possessive and more accepting of the need of others to make their own mistakes, especially between the ages of sixteen to forty-six during which there is an emphasis in their lives on communication in all forms. After the age of forty-six they may become more sensitive toward their own feelings and the feelings of others.

Hidden beneath the knowledgeable but practical exterior of these people there is a highly idealistic individual. To stop them becoming overly serious, they need to learn to use their unusual sense of humor; to feel more fulfilled they need to trust more in their instincts. This sense of their own power will give them the self-confidence and spontaneity they need to focus their energy not just on guiding others but on motivating themselves to express and develop their own highly creative potential.

On the dark side

Didactic, smothering, jealous

At your best

Knowledgeable, energetic, generous

Love Love means everything

For people born on May 5 the love and support of a partner mean everything, and they will do whatever it takes to keep a relationship alive. They are not afraid of commitment, romance or sentiment, but do need to be careful that they don’t see their partner as an extension of themselves. Their ideal partner will share their sense of commitment.

Health All a question of balance

The greatest risk to the health of people born on this day is their tendency to go overboard in one area of their life, be it diet, exercise, sex, or work. They need to find ways to balance their incredible energy and to make sure that their lives are structured. As far as diet is concerned, they may have a sweet tooth and will need to make sure they limit their intake of sugar and refined and processed foods. Regular exercise, preferably on a daily basis‚ÄĒeven if it is only a walk around the block‚ÄĒwill help them keep a sense of perspective and balance. They are sensual people so will benefit greatly from regular massage. Placing a few drops of geranium essential oil on their handkerchief to breathe in when they feel overwhelmed will help them feel more balanced and upbeat.

Career Born politicians

With their motivating energy, these people have a gift for sales, promotion, advertising, and marketing. Careers in the retail trade also augur well, as do careers in politics and academic fields such as philosophy and medicine, as well as the arts, for which they have a natural affinity. Naturally sensual, they may also be attracted to catering, and the beauty and health industries.

Destiny To inspire others with their energy

The life path of people born on this day is to learn to guide and support others without dominating them. Once they have learned to be less authoritarian, their destiny is to influence and inspire others with their tremendous focus and energy.

Power Thought

‚ÄúI now notice when my intuition is speaking to me‚ÄĚ

May 5

Signs & symbols

Sun sign: Taurus

Ruling planet: Venus, the lover

Symbol: The Bull

Birth date ruler: Mercury, the communicator

Tarot card: The Hierophant (guidance)

Favorable numbers: 1, 5

Lucky days: Friday and Wednesday, especially when these days fall on 1 and 5 of the month

Lucky colors: Lilac, cobalt blue, green

Birthstone: Emerald

A little bit ridiculous but some of the points were true. Want to know your Birthday Horoscope Personality?

Visit this site for you to find out

Memories with my Brother

Two Brothers

He is 3 ¬†years older than me yet he always liked having me around. He was always on my side and the one I knew I could trust and confide in.¬†Me and my brother¬†always used to fight because well we were kids. He always had the advantage because he’s 3 years older then me. Of course I remember when he would torture me but what I always remember when my dad was flipping out and screaming at us he would let me go in his room.


Sometimes we would play video games together and he would pretend I was winning. We’re not like each other in most ways. Yet we are pretty close. We always have so much random stuff to talk and laugh about! We sometimes even speak simultaneously.¬†
Some days, he’s the only one I have some real, casual interaction with.

Those are the memories I love to remember. I don’t get to see him much any more because we are old enough already, we already have our own lives and busy with our individual jobs. Even though we always fight I’ll always love him and I know he loves me too. Today is his birthday and I am doing this post for him.

Happy Birthday My Brother!


A Loving Brother


The Love of a Brother

I was born in a secluded village on a mountain. Day after day, my parents plowed the yellow dry soil with their backs towards the sky.

One day, I wanted to buy a handkerchief, which all girls around me seemed to have. So, one day I stole 50 cents from my father’s drawer. Father discovered about the stolen money right away.

‘Who stole the money?’ he asked my brother and me.

I was stunned, too afraid to talk. Neither of us admitted to the fault, so he said, ‘Fine, if nobody wants to admit, you both should be punished!’ Suddenly, my younger brother gripped Father’s hand and said, ‘Dad, I was the one who did it!’ He took the blame, and punishment, for me.

In the middle of the night, all of sudden, I cried out loudly. My brother covered my mouth with his little hand and said, ‘Sis, now don’t cry anymore. Everything has happened.’ I will never forget my brother’s expression when he protected me. That year, my brother was 8 years old and I was 11 years old. I still hate myself for not having enough courage to admit what I did. Years went by, but the incident still seemed like it just happened yesterday.

When my brother was in his last year of secondary school, he was accepted in an upper secondary school in the central part of town. At the same time, I was accepted into a university in the province.

That night, Father squatted in the yard, smoking packet by packet. I could hear him ask my mother, ‘Both of our children, they have good results? Very good results?’

Mother wiped off her tears and sighed, ‘What is the use? How can we possibly finance both of them?’

At that time, my brother walked out, he stood in front of Father and said, ‘Dad, I don’t want to continue my study anymore, I have read enough books.’ Father became angry.

‘Why do you have a spirit so weak? Even if it means I have to beg for money on the streets, I will send you two to school until you have both finished your studies!’ And then, he started to knock on every house in the village to borrow money.

I stuck out my hand as gently as I could to my brother’s face, and told him, ‘A boy has to continue his study. If not, he will not be able to overcome this poverty we are experiencing.’ I, on the other hand, had decided not to further my study at the university.

Nobody knew that on the next day, before dawn, my brother left the house with a few pieces of worn-out clothes and a few dry beans. He sneaked to my side of the bed and left a note on my pillow; ‘Sis, getting into a university is not easy. I will go find a job and I will send money to you.’ I held the note while sitting on my bed, and cried until I lost my voice.

With the money father borrowed from the whole village, and the money my brother earned from carrying cement on his back at a construction site, finally, I managed to get to the third year of my study in the university. That year, my brother was 17 years old; I was 20 years old.

One day, while I was studying in my room, my roommate came in and told me, ‘There’s a villager waiting for you outside!’ Why would there be a villager looking for me? I walked out, and I saw my brother from afar. His whole body was covered with dirt, dust, cement and sand. I asked him, ‘Why did you not tell my roommate that you are my brother?’

He replied with a smile, ‘Look at my appearance. What will they think if they would know that I am your brother? Won’t they laugh at you?’

I felt so touched, and tears filled my eyes. I swept away dirt and dust from my brother’s body. And told him with a lump in my throat, ‘I don’t care what people would say! You are my brother no matter what your appearance.’

From his pocket, he took out a butterfly hair clip. He put it on my hair and said, ‘I saw all the girls in town are wearing it. I think you should also have one.’ I could not hold back myself anymore. I pulled my brother into my arms and cried. That year, my brother was 20 years old; I was 23 years old.

After I got married, I lived in the city. Many times my husband invited my parents to come and live with us, but they didn’t want. They said once they left the village, they wouldn’t know what to do. My brother agreed with them. He said, ‘Sis, you just take care of your parents-in-law. I will take care of Mom and Dad here.’

My husband became the directors of his factory. We asked my brother to accept the offer of being the manager in the maintenance department. But my brother rejected the offer. He insisted on working as a repairman instead for a start.

One day, my brother was on the top of a ladder repairing a cable, when he got electrocuted, and was sent to the hospital. My husband and I visited him at the hospital. Looking at the plaster cast on his leg, I grumbled, ‘Why did you reject the offer of being a manager? Managers won’t do something dangerous like that. Now look at you – you are suffering a serious injury. Why didn’t you just listen to us?’

With a serious expression on his face, he defended his decision, ‘Think of your brother-in-law, he just became the director. If I, being uneducated, would become a manager, what kind of rumors would fly around?’

My husband’s eyes filled up with tears, and then I said, ‘But you lack in education only because of me!’

‘Why do you talk about the past?’ he said and then he held my hand. That year, he was 26 years old and I was 29 years old.

My brother was 30 years old when he married a farmer girl from the village. During the wedding reception, the master of ceremonies asked him, ‘Who is the one person you respect and love the most?’

Without even taking a time to think, he answered,’ My sister.’ He continued by telling a story I could not even remember. ‘When I was in primary school, the school was in a different village. Everyday, my sister and I would walk for 2 hours to school and back home. One day, I lost one of my gloves. My sister gave me one of hers. She wore only one glove and she had to walk far. When we got home, her hands were trembling because of the cold weather. She could not even hold her chopsticks. From that day on, I swore that as long as I lived, I would take care of my sister and would always be good to her.’

Applause filled up the room. All guests turned their attention to me. I found it hard to speak, ‘In my whole life, the one I would like to thank most is my brother,’ And in this happy occasion, in front of the crowd, tears were rolling down my face again.

Love and care for the one you love every single day of your life. You may think what you did is just a small deed, but to that someone, it may mean a lot.